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 ORBITS 4 SP2 Minimera

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We are happy to announce that we are releasing Service Package 2 for Orbits4 timing software.

OrbitsSP2 was developed based on feedback from Orbits users like you and increases the user friendliness of Orbits4 even further and provides you with valuable new functionality.

Improvements that Orbits4 with SP2 brings you include:


  • Export and import groups and runs from XML file
  • Multiple file selection for importing passings
  • Assign manual passing to driver
  • Enhanced edit functionality in club transponder page
More accurate
  • Qualification requirements are taken into account as well when runs are copied to another group
  • Option to mark competitors automatically as Did Not Finish (DNF)
More reliable
  • Improved passings restore process
  • Enhanced backup process for large data files
  • Possibility to backup log and diagnostics
  • Reduced memory usage
Click here to view a complete list with improvements.

In addition to these improvements, SP2 supports the use of the completely new Announcer page plug-in. This plug-in allows you to easily distribute (intermediate) race results and news in real-time to members of the event organization (such as speakers and race control). The Announcer page can for example be displayed on a screen in the press room and is a great value added service for your races.

SP2 is initially available in the 9 most common languages, expanding shortly to 14.

Please note that SP2 does not support the MyLaps Handheld plug-in.

With Orbits4 with SP2, you have access to best-in-class sports timing software and you can keep your customers on the cutting edge of race statistics and results.

Upgrade to Orbits4 with SP2 and take advantage of the great new functionalities and improved user friendliness. If you order before 31 August 2009, you will obtain a 15% discount on the purchase price! Contact your local AMB i.t. sales representative for more information.

Not convinced yet of the advantages of Orbits4? Download a free demo version and simulate the use of Orbits4 without the need to connect decoders and loops.

We wish you good and accurate times!
Kind regards, AMB i.t. / ChampionChip /



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